We build and customize all our machines according to your needs.

OMFAS was founded in 1954 by Andrea Ferrandino who, after several years in Venezuela, decided to start a business in the Solofra area.

The company began its activity as a mechanical workshop for the repair and resale of machinery for the tanning industry. A few years later, with the renewal of the company staff and the arrival of Alfonso Ferrandino in the company, OMFAS also began to deal with the production of machinery.

With its third generational change, the company keeps growing and improving. It is with the new management by Andrea Ferrandino that we have, in fact, the automation of the machinery and the internationalization of the OMFAS brand.

The key to OMFAS's success lies in the continuous development, from an innovative and technological point of view, of machinery and equipment for production. Alongside this characteristic it is the seamless organisation of the company, the possibility of customizing the items and the speed of delivery to the customers.